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Hello, BWC members!  We have just created a new website due to not having as many options.  We still have the other one, and still update it so make sure to always check both of them!  The other one contains more rules, mission statement, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)...  Although in this site we have other things such as new members, and focusing on stories.  If you have a story about bird watching (or any other event!) let us know and we'll put it on the 'site A.S.A.P.!  Thanks!  Have fun!

Recent Updates


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About B.W.C.

B.W.C. was created on 12/29/05 by sisters Ana and Ally and cousin Eve.  It all began when they all got a pair of binoculars for Christmas.  One of them thought of a great idea!  They could start a bird watching club!  So all of that weekend they wrote letters, made rules, and of course, bird watched!



Current Bird Watchers of the week

1st Place ~ Abby ~ 4 birds

2nd Place ~ Alisha, Ana, and Brandi ~ 3 birds

3rd Place ~ Ally ~ 1 bird

4th Place ~ Eve ~ 0 birds

All Around!

BWC has spread to quite a few different towns!  Here are all of the current ones:

Monticello, MN


Winona, MN